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Our Ingredients

Black Cohosh

The primary ingredient to help with the most common menopausal discomforts such as hot flashes and mood changes.*


The British Journal of Medicine & Medical Research reports, this ingredient helped to improve hot flashes in symptomatic menopausal women, after 8 weeks of use. It was also shown to cause a drop in the severity and frequency of hot flashes experienced.*

Valerian Root

Known to help enhance quality of sleep in women with menopause*


A natural herb that is known to help target the feeling of tension, manage sweating (night sweats), relaxation, and enhance overall mood.*

Damiana Leaves

This ingredient is historically known as an aphrodisiac to help enhance sexual desire, manage headaches, address sexual problems, and boost and maintain both mental and physical stamina.*



(Vitamin B-3)

An ingredient that is shown to be beneficial for women who have restless nights of sleep to experience more continuous hours of sleep.*

American Ginseng

This ingredient is known to help diminish the feeling of intensity and frequency of hot flashes.* It is also reported to have an estrogen like effect which may help with vaginal dryness which is normally experienced by a woman during menopause.*



An essential trace element, and a beneficial ingredient to help promote an increase in the feeling of energy levels and is also a necessity for human health.*


This ingredient is a known source of vitamin A and C which helps to support bone health.*



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